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National Teen Self-Esteem Month®, held annually in May, is designed to focus our attention on the importance of teens having a healthy outlook of themselves and figure out ways in which we can support them in that development.  

During the month of May organizations nationwide are encouraged to host programs and events to engage parents, educators, mentors and most importantly youth giving them an opportunity to address, boost or build their confidence, share their perspective and vocalize their needs.




Sponsor I Am Worth More's National Teen Self-Esteem Month program and help raise the visibility of this important cause.  With your sponsorship we can bring greater information, resources, plan activities and outreach to youth nationwide. I Am Worth More® is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Planning something for National Teen Self-Esteem Month or for another day during the year? Send us your program, workshop, service and event information and we will post it on our website. This is one of many ways to get involved. 


Building and maintaining self-esteem is a process that happens throughout the year. This month is just a "may-day" on how critical the need is to actively work with our youth on developing a positive and healthier self-image.

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